Astral Magic feat. Bridget Wishart Liquid Light 6:48 Ad Infinitum 2023
Astral Magic Cruising the Celestial Highways 4:11 A Peak into the Future 2022
Astral Magic Too Fast 6:02 Am I Dreaming? 2023
Astral Magic Mystical Journey 1:48 Wonderland 2023
Astral Magic Seven Planes 7:03 Magical Kingdom 2022
Astral Magic Cosmic Energy Flow 7:02 Cosmic Energy Flow 2023
Astral Magic Intro: to the Spheres 1:43 The Mental Universe 2022
Astral Magic feat. Bridget Wishart Shine 4:55 Ad Infinitum 2023
Astral Magic Time Rift 6:25 Balance of Oblivion 2023
Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam 3:01 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1967
Hawkwind The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) 6:47 Hall Of The Mountain Grill 1974
Ozric Tentacles White Rhino Tea 5:49 Strangeitude 1991
Gong Master Builder 6:04 Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 3: You 1974
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