Artist Album Track Label Time
The Stargazer’s Assistant Fire Worshipper Shamash Zoharum 5:35
GoGo Penguin Everything Is Going to Be OK Saturnine XXIM 4:53
SWRM Salamander Salamander Wrong Way Archival Bureau 8:26
Lankum False Lankum Go Dig My Grave Rough Trade 8:39
Ahleuchatistas The Summer We Went West [and East] – Live 2006 Empathievery Cuneiform 6:17
jaimie branch Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) take over the world International Anthem 4:59
Swans The Beggar The Memorious Young Gods 8:42
Anna Meredith & Ligeti String Quartet Nuc Tuggemo Mercury KX 5:22
ULTRAPHAUNA No No No No Collidascope Dur Et Doux 9:50
The Necks Travel Signal Northern Spy 20:51
ni Fol Naïs Zerkon Dur Et Doux 6:10
ØXN Cyrm Love Henry Claddagh 5:27
VÄLVĒ Tiny Pilots Perfumes Of Arabia Slowfoot 5:29
a.P.A.t.T. We The Great Attractor Dur Et Doux 7:50
Natural Information Society Since Time Is Gravity Moontide Chorus Aguirre 6:42
Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska Desert Smoke Hyper Slap The Weird Beard 3:58
Black Country, New Road Live at Bush Hall Laughing Song – Live at Bush Hall Ninja Tune 5:34
Eclectic Maybe Band Bars Without Measures Casanova Discus 5:33
Rob Mazurek – Exploding Star Orchestra Lightning Dreamers Shape Shifter International Anthem 5:24
Univers Zero Lueur Dartafalk Sub Rosa 5:44
Join The Din ¿Change! The Fight – Bad Elephant 4:40
The Heartwood Institute Unburied Bane The Past Consumes The Present Self Release 4:18
Alakazam Carnival Dawn Something Wicked Self Release 8:09