Artist Album Track Label Time
Das Rad Veer – 154CD (2023) Veer Discus 5:52
Illegal Crowns Unclosing Fading Wave Out Of Your Head 8:57
Ivan The Tolerable Ritual in Transfigured Time Across The Room Echodelick 5:11
Asceta Erebus, la suite de las sombras Por sobre mi cadáver Azafran Media 6:19
Jack O’ The Clock The Warm, Dark Circus …And Who Will Tell Us? Self Release 8:28
5uu’s Live at A.K.W. Würzburg, Germany April 8, 1995 Equus (Kerman) Cuneiform 5:27
Yussef Dayes Black Classical Music Black Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey) Brownswood 5:19
Sprain The Lamb As Effigy Man Proposes, God Disposes Flenser 7:10
PoiL Ueda PoiL Ueda Kujô Shakujô – Part 3 Dur et Doux 7:23
Squid O Monolith Undergrowth Warp Records 6:36
Model/Actriz Dogsbody Crossing Guard True Panther 4:45
Mong Tong Tao Fire 道火 Areca Guruguru Brain 5:16
London Brew London Brew Mor Ning Prayers Concord Jazz 9:52
Emme Phyzema Trying Not to Try Languid Lichen Self Release 3:37
Sonar with David Torn and J. Peter Schwalm Three Movements Second Movement 7D Media 11:01
a Light Sleeper Equaeverpoise Eggcorn and Mondegreen, Attorneys of Law Cuneiform 4:29
Kinan Azmeh & Brooklyn Rider Starlighter Dabke On Martense Street In A Circle 7:42
Mammal Hands Gift from the Trees Kai Gondwana 5:53
The Holy Family Go Zero Chalky’s Eyes Rocket 6:07
Blue Cranes My Only Secret Rhododendron Jealous Butcher 6:18
Ogives La Mémoire des Orages Mighty Pumpkin Sub Rosa 9:00
Yumi Hara Groove Study Orlyonok Bonobo’s Ark 5:22
Myra Melfords Fire & Water Quintet HEAR THE LIGHT SINGING Insertion Four Rogue Art 8:15
Kilter The Suspended Woman Song of the Countess Silent Pendulum 4:56