Start Artist Song Time Album Year
0:02:25 A Multitude of ONE Duduk 5:46 Ethnic Electronic 2024
0:08:11 Olivia Chaney
0:08:38 Olivia Chaney Bogeyman 3:18 Circus Of Desire 2024
0:11:56 Less Bells
0:12:30 Less Bells A Failure of Horses 4:16 Drowned Ground 2024
0:16:46 The Decemberists
0:17:16 The Decemberists Burial Ground 4:00 As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again 2024
0:21:16 Kalandra
0:21:47 Kalandra The State of the World 4:12 The State of the World EP 2024
0:26:00 Panzerpappa
0:26:24 Panzerpappa Berlinervals 4:13 Skjeringspunkt 2024
0:30:37 You Are Wolf
0:31:06 You Are Wolf As Sylvie Was Walking 4:48 Keld 2018
0:35:55 Timothy Wenzel
0:36:26 Timothy Wenzel My Siren 5:09 Immerse 2024
0:41:35 Albion
0:42:27 Albion Black Lake (Llyn y Fan Fach) 4:15 Lakesongs of Elbid 2023
0:46:42 Kid Arrow Old Night Is Iron-Clad 2024
0:47:18 Vincent Carr Pastoral Progressive/The Moment Is Muse 2024
0:45:27 Loreena McKennitt
0:48:36 Loreena Mckennitt Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór / Wild Mountain Thyme 6:08 The Road Back Home 2024
  1. Exactly as advertised, this time Colin Powell has collected his more ethnically influenced electronica pieces into one release. He sails into many world music ports, including Celtic, Middle Eastern, Oriental, Spain, India, and even the New World. The overall effect is much like a Renaissance travelogue might have been represented by various musicians attending court, if only they’d had electronic instruments at their disposal.
    1. Oliva Chaney returns with her third full-length release, bringing mostly spare arrangements which, rightly so, make room for her crystalline voice. She utilizes piano, guitar, banjo, keyboards, strings, and quiet percussion to reflect upon various aspects of her own and others’ interior lives. My favourite track is a sort of rumination/confrontation of nighttime frights.
      1. Julie Carpenter brings us lush and gorgeous ambient music, with violin, cello, synths, hurdy gurdy, shahi baaja, lap steel guitar, saw, banjo, flute, and recorder, along with vocals, including some by coyotes and “murderwind.” It’s dense, morose, and moody. How could I not love this? There is also a video available for my favourite track, A Failure of Horses, which is just as hypnotic as the music, at YT
        1. The Decemberists are back, offering up 2 singles to preview their upcoming release in June. This one has a retro feel, touching on REM-ish and early 60’s pop, a bit tongue-in-cheek, with layered harmonies and jangly guitars, in a slightly hushed mix. As the other single, Joan in the Garden, is a 20-minute epic, I am choosing the shorter due to time constraints (in my show), although the long piece is quite compellingly apocalyptic.
          1. This EP offering by Norwegian quartet Kalandra, is comprised of both an instrumental and vocal presentation of the same piece of music. They tried several renderings since it’s inception in 2022, and have decided (for now) to utilize Celtic and sea shanty shading. It is simple and beautiful, I can’t imagine that making it more complex could add anything of value.There is a lovely YT video to accompany my favourite track (The State of the World with Vocal) for those who want to look it up
            1. Five piece RIO (Rock In Opposition) band from Norway, consisting of saxophones, keyboards, drums and various percussion, bass guitars, Chapman Stick, accordion, and trumpet. This is a live performance recording, with guests on accordion, flute and vocals, and the result is varied, quirky, and delightful.
              1. Alt/Psych/Wyrd folk release from the UK’s Kerry Andrew. Crystal clear vocals, with keyboards, recorder, pipes, cello, bass and electric guitars, banjolele, trumpet, and various percussive elements. Here, they cover traditional tunes, as well as offering original pieces, with a watery theme. Eerie and evocative, the pieces often start simply and veer off into something else entirely.
                NOT ON BANDCAMP: Timothy Wenzel “Immerse” Timothy Wenzel is a fine composer, as well as photographer (fascinated by weather extremes) and scientist (with a PhD in Chemistry). He was inspired to follow his love of music following his retirement as a chemist, at the behest of his dying brother,. The instrumentation includes keyboards, violin and cello, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, English horn, and percussion. This music is powerful and moving, and meticulously produced. Favourite Track: My Siren (5:21)
                1. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Joe Parrish, on vocals, guitar, flute, and mandolin, Albion is sweeping and ambitious. The electric folk band he’s assembled has flashes of metal, but for me, it really shines the brightest on the more medieval and chamber folk sorts of pieces, along with the expertly applied lush orchestration. I really love all of the pastoral, sweet acoustic pieces, but am choosing Black Lake as my favourite track to represent the release more fully.
                  1. Friend to Progressive music everywhere, Tatsurou Ueda wrote the poetry that inspired the music, which is the first of four in a series, called “Four Phases of the Night.” Markus Reuter, of Stickmen fame, handled production duties for Kid Arrow. The music is ambient, and slowly and subtly builds in an ominous fashion. You will not be disappointed by spending the time with it.
                  1. Vincent Carr’s SUMIC’S new release, “Pastoral Progressive/The Moment Is The Music” is comprised of the past 10 years of his releases, and melded into two 30+ minute tracks. If you haven’t heard Vincent before, you are in for a real treat. Vincent is a multi-instrumentalist, who reworks traditional tunes into his signature style, and who also composes original music. He utilizes both electric and acoustic instruments to achieve this end, all to great effect. The release’s title says it all.
                    1. This is live, with all acoustic instrumentation comprised of cello, guitars, whistles, fiddle, banjo, accordion, piano, whistles, and bodhran and other percussion. All players contributes vocals, and James Keelaghan guests on a track. Loreena of course, handles the lead vocals, as well as harp and accordion. Many are songs from early in her career, with many busking-style songs, and as they are recorded live, have much of that spirit to them.