Start Artist Song Time Album Year
Meat Cafe Vol. 3
0:02:29 Meat Cafe Vol. 3 The Glistening Spear 2:58 12 Moons of Averak 2024
Magick Brother & Mystic Sister
0:06:02 Magick Brother & Mystic Sister The HIgh Priestess 3:37 Tarot part 1 2024
Project Gemini
0:10:23 Project Gemini Colours & Light 4:16 Colours & Light 2024
Midas Fall
0:15:12 Midas Fall Cold Waves Divide Us 5:50 Cold Waves Divide Us 2024
Roz Vitalis
0:21:29 Roz Vitalis Passing Winter (Piano Solo) 4:25 Semi-acoustic at Kuryokhin Center 2024
Caroline Lavelle
0:26:25 Caroline Lavelle The Raven 5:15 The Raven 2024
Glass Beam
0:32:22 Glass Beams Black Sand 4:38 Mahal EP 2024
Michael Trew
0:37:30 Michael Trew Never Going to Touch the Ground 3:17 Never Going to Touch the Ground b/w Free Ride 2024
0:41:24 Roehind Amhrán Na Farraige 3:49 Buile 2024
David Ian Roberts
0:45:48 David Ian Roberts Kaleidoscope Rising in 3D 6:29 David Ian Roberts 2024
Ekaterina Shelehova
0:52:52 Ekaterina Shelehova Jenny of Oldstones 3:20 Jenny of Oldstones 2024
  1. Avarak is a planet which Is near death, and most of it’s inhabitants have gone to live on it’s 12 moons. The civilizations of each have developed different aspects, depending on the planet’s natural qualities. Ron Marquiss composed the story, music and lyrics. Ron plays all instruments, joined by Bill Ray (drums) throughout, and Troll Hart (vocals), Suzi James (lead guitar) and Tim Wenzel (piano) on the title track The music moves deftly from progressive instrumentals into very quirky territory.
    1. Here, the phantastic psych/dream/folk/space duo from Barcelona returns with a partial deck of Major Arcana Tarot cards for their inspiration.They follow the spiritual journey represented in the divination cards from 0 (The Fool) through 10 (The Wheel of Fortune). Effected vocals, piano, synths, organ, mellotron, guitars, bass, flute and drums sound like a typical lineup, but how they lay the cards on the table musically is what sets them apart from similar artists.
      1. Spacey, soundtracky (is that a word?) lysergia from London’s Paul Osborne, that veers off into acid folk, and even gets funky at times. He is joined by a myriad of collaborators, the usual suspects (guitars, bass, percussion), with keyboards, synths, flute, and some female vocals. Lost in the Woods is so good, they did two versions of it, but the title track is more representative of the varied foray you’ll have to trip out on here
        Cold Waves Divide Us - Midas Fall
        Midas Fall “Cold Waves Divide Us” Scottish duo expertly blends atmospheric post-rock, with dark electronica. All three band members play synthesizers and drums on this, Elizabeth Heaton brings vocals, guitars, strings, and piano; Rowan Burn plays guitars, and piano; with Michael Hamilton suppling bass. The result is surreal and haunting, with reverb aplenty, and lyrically pensive enough to satisfy the most mournful amongst us. Favourite Track: Cold Waves Divide Us (5:53)
        1. Live recording of this fine stalwart of the Moscow progressive scene, this time appearing as a quintet. Instrumentation is founder and creative force Ivan Rozmainsky on upright piano & synths, accompanied by acoustic guitar, bass, clarinet, and percussion. I am particularly in love with the piano solos here.
          1. Alumna of Loreena McKennitt’s band, and member of Secret Sky, Caroline Lavelle released this beautiful solo album last year.This is a bit more “modern” than either of those projects, yet retains the depth and artistry of them. Caoline’s sultry vocals and cello are here, of course, and she also plays other strings and keyboards. Other instrumentation is drums, bass, guitar, piano, and saxophone.
            1. We don’t seem to hear a lot of world-based psych/electronica out of Australia, but here’s some for you. Inspired by watching “The Concert for George,” repeatedly, with his Indian father, Ranjan Silva’s interest in the crossroads of Eastern meeting Western music led him to create his own blend, fusing them together. There is a hypnotic mix of electric and acoustic instruments, drums, synths, and some tasty female vocals here.
              1. This is presented in old-fashioned single format, two cuts, and boy, am I hoping it’s a precursor to a full-length release. Free Ride is a cover of a Nick Drake song, and is a bit more forceful than the original, with some very angular electric guitar. I love Nick Drake, but I have to say that “Never Going To Touch The Ground,” is just sublime. It is so emotive and gorgeous, has a retro feel, and is just beautifully arranged with lush, full orchestration.
                1. This is just the kind of thing I always hope I’ll find in my searches for great music. Alys Hoy, under the moniker Roehind, has created an incandescent sound, using her crystalline vocals and combining electronica with Celtic traditions. She also plays mandolele, and is joined by a supporting vocalist, and others on bodhrán, flute, mandolin, bouzouki, and guitars.This song was originally written by Bruno Coulais as part of the soundtrack for the acclaimed animation movie, Song of the Sea.
                  1. Fifth release for this artist, who is new to me, making me wonder, where was I, that I missed the earlier ones? David performs all of the vocals, and plays most of the instruments (guitars, piano, synths, drums, electric bass, & dulcimer). Additional instrumentation is clarinet, flute, cello, double bass, violin, and viola. Lyrically introspective and visionary, the overall feel is dreamlike and muted, best described as Impressionism in musical form.
                    1. I really don’t like singles as a rule, but that is the only way to get these works, so I went for the discography. Ekaterina Shelehova is a critically acclaimed opera singer, who just stopped me in my tracks. The BC recordings available are mostly neofolk, neoclassical, and touch on world and opera music. The majority of the singles are solo, but she also duets on some of them, and all of the arrangements are spare, to showcase her chillingly lovely voice.