As you may recall, in our last episode Suzi suggested we do something special to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We chose to do this by playing a whole set of Mexican prog rock. For us, it was an enlightening journey and we found quite a few gems that we will keep in our listening queues. We hope that you will do the same.

Artist Title Time Album Year
Soundscape 3.0 Opener 1:38 2024
Nirgal Vallis Memorias De Un Cometa 12:05 Y Murio La Tarde 1995
Electro Compulsive Therapy In through the light 7:35 Electro Compulsive Therapy 2021
Cruz De Hierro Chameleon 177 4:47 Cruz De Hierro 2000
Tangerine Circus Neohuman 6:40 The Conspiracy Chronicles 2015
Delirium Primer Dialogo 7:22 Delirium (Vinyl) 1985
Cronofonia There Is Life 8:37 Cronofonia 2021
Decibel Fakma 3:29 EL POETA DEL RUIDO 2021
Xavier Asali Unusual Love Song 5:58 Perspectives 2018
Austin TV Ella No Me Conoce 4:43 La Última Noche Del Mundo 2003
Ledesma & M. Botello Sol Central: El Avatar 4:06 Sol Central 2000
Ekos Rostro Oculto 8:36 Luz Interna 2012
Cast Crossing 9:59 Vigesimus 2021
Galie Capitulos 5:39 Galie II (Vinyl) 1986
Chac Mool Salamandra 7:36 Nadie En Especial 1980
Greco Bastián Oniontown 5:41 With A Little Hell From My Friends 2022
Santana Transmutation/Industrial 6:01 Brothers 1995
Rostro Del Sol Effect Of Creation 8:47 Rostro del Sol 2021
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma Punta Cometa 8:06 Designios 2003