Artist Album Track Label Year Time
WorldService Project Serve False Prophets Rare Noise 2018 8:24
Cassiber Beauty And The Beast Ach, Heile Mich ReR Megacorp 1984 6:36
Rhùn Tozzos Xïem (où les troubadours nus mitraillent les babouins morveux) Baboon Fish 2024 13:07
Ghost Rhythms Spectral Music Thoughtography Cuneiform 2021 6:13
Extra Life The Sacred Vowel I’m Normal Last Things 2024 5:52
Shackleton/Zimpel Primal Forms Primal Drones Cosmo Rhythmatic 2020 10:34
Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling Tekkers Superball 2016 5:13
Selcouth Quartet Selcouth Quartet Dragon, Bull, Vulture, Giant Self Release 2023 8:15
Spindle Ensemble Inkling Inkling Hidden Notes 2021 7:37
Cassiber Beauty And The Beast Under New Management ReR Megacorp 1984 5:29
Rhùn Tozzos Zöfm Baboon Fish 2024 8:26
Ghost Rhythms Spectral Music Odradek Cuneiform 2021 6:41
Extra Life The Sacred Vowel The Sacred Vowel Last Things 2024 12:21
Lair Ngélar Bangkai Belantara Guruguru Brain 2024 5:37
Camberwell Now The Ghost Trade The Ghost Trade Ink Records 1986 11:16
Mendoza Hoff Revels Echolocation Dyscalculia AUM Fidelity 2023 7:06
Makaya McCraven In the Moment Finances International Anthem 2015 6:08
Cassiber Beauty And The Beast Time Running Out ReR Megacorp 1984 5:29
Steve Roach Empetus Seeking Fortuna 1986 5:37
Ghost Rhythms Spectral Music L’Autre Versant • The Other Side Cuneiform 2021 9:26
Landing Third Sight Facing South El Paraiso 2016 9:38