Post Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour



Bringing you RIO Tracks and other Avant-Guard tracks for you 


Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#26 9-21-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Kouma AibohphobiA Aller Dur et Doux 2019 13:37
Eskaton 4 Visions Attente Eurock 1981 10:09
Three Trapped Tigers Route One or Die Magne Blood & Biscuits 2011 6:52
Secret Chiefs 3 Book Of Horizons The End Times Web Of Mimicry 2004 4:58
Five-storey ensemble Presence Silent Zone Self Release 2022 7:50
Fractal Sextet Fractal Sextet Slow over Fast Alchemy 2022 11:02
Egg The Polite Force A Visit To Newport Hospital Deram 1970 8:28
Eskaton 4 Visions Ecoute 12:53
Alamaailman Vasarat Huuro Kolkko Tujuhuju Nordic Notes 2009 5:33
Secret Chiefs 3 Book Of Horizons Anthropomorphosis: Boxleitner 5:24
Heldon Agneta Nilsson Perspective II (Baader-Meinhof Blues) Urus 1976 10:50
Dylan Ryan Sand Sky Bleached Time Stalkers Cuneiform 2013 6:50
Forgas Band Phenomena L’Oreille Électrique L’Oreille Électrique / The Electric Ear Cuneiform 2018 12:00
Eskaton 4 Visions Pitie 8:48
Nils Frahm All Melody Sunson Erased Tapes 2018 9:10
Secret Chiefs 3 Book Of Horizons Welcome To The Theatron Animatronique 5:11
Calomito Cane di schiena Antenna Altrock 2011 7:59
Gutbucket Sludge Test Disciplining The Fugitive Canteloupe 2006 6:41

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#17 6-22-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Ars de Er Other Side Visions Self Release 2021 7:08 Miriodor Avanti Envoutement :: Bewitchment Cuneiform 2009 9:16 Anteloper Pink Dolphins Delfin Rosado International Anthem 2022 6:30 Univers Zero Uzed Présage Cryonic 1984 9:52 Offa...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#16 6-15-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Binker and Moses Feeding The Machine Asynchronous Intervals Gearbox 2022 11:15 Samla Mammas Manna Maltid Dundrets fröjder Silence 1973 10:47 Decibel El Poeta DEL Ruido El Poeta Del Ruido Orfeon 1980 7:42 Cheer-Accident Fear Draws...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#15 6-10-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Amygdala Amygdala Bernoulli's Organ Soleil Zeuhl 2004 10:50 Henry Cow Unrest Half Asleep; Half Awake Virgin 1974 8:00 Don Caballero American Don The Peter Criss Jazz Touch & Go 2000 10:36 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#13 6-1-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time French TV The Violence of Amateurs Mail Order Quarks Pretentious Dinosaur 1999 10:26 Polymorphie Cellule Jean Grolektif 2014 3:26 Emma-Jean Thackray Yellow Mercury Movementt 2021 5:44 The Stargazer's Assistant Mirrors & Tides,...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#13 5-25-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time One Shot Ewaz Vader Ewaz Vader Le Triton 2006 10:32 Hidden Orchestra Archipelago Flight Tru Thoughts 2012 7:47 Vangelis Beaubourg Beaubourg [part 1] RCA 1978 17:57 Panzerpappa Koralrevens Klagesang Kantonesisk Kanotur Hangar B 2006...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep12 5-18-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Soft Machine Backwards Facelift Cuneiform 2002 8:36 Setna Guerison Cycle II 1 Soleil Zeuhl 2013 6:20 Vega Trails Tremors in the Static Epic Dream Gondwana 2022 6:18 Kruzenshtern i Parohod Hidden Album Marsh Auris Media 2012 8:09 AKU!...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#11 5-11-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Frank Zappa Hot Rats Willie The Pimp Bizarre 1969 9:17 Cratophane Cratophane Amer Béton Baboon Fish 2022 9:16 Black Flower Magma Deep Dive Down Sdban Ultra 2022 7:27 Ahvak Ahvak Vivisektzia Cuneiform 2004 8:30 Hatfield And The North...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep10 5-6-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Kultivator Barndomens stigar Novarest Bauta 1981 6:17 Antique Seeking Nuns Double Egg With Chips And Beans Son Of Cheese Troopers For Sound 2006 5:59 Yugen Labirinto D'Acqua Corale Metallurgico Altrock 2006 7:34 A Formal Horse Meat...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#9 4-25-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Potemkine Triton Loolit II Voxigrave 1977 8:33 Asceta Asceta Los De Afuera Azafran 2022 6:37 Zoe Keating Into the Trees Escape Artist Self Released 2010 6:35 CAN Tago Mago Paperhouse United Artists 1971 7:29 Estradasphere Palace Of...